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Mercury Free Dentistry

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  • 1048 North 204th Avenue

Service Description

At Vondrak Dental, we believe in restoring teeth to their natural, biologic tooth form using biocompatible mercury free restorations. Biocompatible materials like white composite fillings are different than traditional silver amalgam fillings. Silver amalgam fillings are made up of about 50 percent mercury, and require aggressive removal of tooth structure when placed. White Composite Fillings contain NO MERCURY and are less invasive maintaining more of your natural tooth for a healthier, better dental future. Drs. Vondrak and Rainbolt use 100 percent composite resin fillings for all patients. Do you have old amalgam fillings that you’re tired of seeing? We can replace your silver amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite resin. Composite resin is made from silicon dioxide and can be layered to create a custom shades and beautiful esthetic outcomes. Every tooth should “look like a tooth” according to Drs. Vondrak and Rainbolt so even your back molars will have a perfect shade match! White composite resin fillings look and feel like a natural teeth and can be placed on your front teeth for cosmetics or in-between and on the biting surfaces of back teeth to treat decay. White composite resin fillings are not only a healthier option, they're better looking, too! As with any tooth restoration, the better care you take...the longer it will last and white composite fillings are no exception. To avoid stain and breakdown, it is best to moderate coffee & tea consumption, avoid tobacco products and maintain your 6 month dental cleanings. Recare cleanings, good flossing and consistent brushing will help prevent stains for a predictable, healthy dental future.

Contact Details

  • 1048 North 204th Avenue , Omaha, Nebraska 68022, USA

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